Thank you to everyone who sponsored our Celebratory Kiddush!

Helene Weintraub and Isaac Adlerstein, in celebration of our engagement!

Pearl Beck and David Fisher, in honor of Ansche Chesed’s staff, Board of Directors and all volunteers

Miriam Harris-Kaplan and George Kaplan, celebrating George’s third birthday collecting full Social Security!

Sharon Litwinoff, in honor of the 20th anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah

Cynthia Schwartz and Phillip Litwinoff, in honor of Sharon Litwinoff’s 20th Bat Mitzvah anniversary

Dawn Kellman and David Lock, in celebration of Helene Weintraub and Isaac Adlerstein’s engagement. Mazel Tov Helene and Isaac!

Judith Edelstein and James Meier, in honor of Cantor Natasha’s 20th Anniversary at AC

Linda Messing, Mazal Tov to Cantor Natasha Hirshhorn on twenty wonderful years at Ansche Chesed!

Roberta and Paul Shapiro, in honor of Hazzan Natasha Hirschhorn’s 20 years at AC

Terry Zisowitz, with thanks to Roberta Shapiro who always is willing to work with me on my leining