Pesach Schedule


Thursday, April 21 – Pesach Day 6

Candle lighting 7:23pm

Friday, April 22 – Pesach Day 7

Sanctuary Service – 9:45am
Minyan M’at Service (in 5N) – 10am

Jewish Climate Action Network NYC (JCAN) Speaker – During Sanctuary Service
Kabbalat Shabbat Service – 6:30pm

Candle lighting for Shabbat 7:24pm


Saturday, April 23 – Pesach Day 8

Sanctuary Service – 9:45am
Minyan M’at Service (in 5N) – 10am

#TheSabbathChallenge with St. Michael’s Episcopal Church – 12:30pm

Shabbat and holiday end 8:28pm

Preparing for Pesach

Passover Kashrut

For helpful information on Passover Kashrut, check the Rabbinical Assembly’s website for a handy guide.

Book Of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance lists those close to us who have passed away, but who have not been forgotten. This year we have created a virtual version of our Book of Remembrance that you can add names to throughout the year. You can view the Book of Remembrance here and submit names or make a donation by clicking here.

Kosher for Passover Wine

We hosted our very own Peter Hellman and Martin Sinkoff for a Pre-Pesach Israeli Wine Adventure on Zoom, which included discussion on Israeli wines that are kosher for Passover. See notes from their talk here, and view the recording of this fun afternoon by clicking the link below!

Zoom Recording

Passcode: !DUJEn15

Jewish Climate Action Network NYC (JCAN) Speaker

Friday, April 22 during the Sanctuary Service – 7th Day of Pesach / Earth Day
Jeff Levy-Lyons will join us on the 7th day of Pesach, representing the Jewish Climate Action Network NYC (JCAN). JCAN raises a distinctly Jewish voice in the work of addressing our climate crisis. We provide pathways for the Jewish community to engage with this work to make a real difference. We see climate change as not just a technical crisis (the planet is dangerously warming) but a spiritual one (we’ve lost our reverence for God’s creation). It demands a spiritual answer informed by Jewish law and tradition. Learn more and get involved at
Jeff will deliver the dvar torah during the Sanctuary service, and he will be available to speak with anyone who is interested in JCAN after services, either on the Roof (weather permitting) or in the Sanctuary.
Jeff Levy-Lyons is a member of the Steering Committee of JCAN. He also plays a support role in many other climate and environmental organizations, including Dayenu, GreenFaith, and NY Renews. Additionally, Jeff deploys his experience as a communication skills trainer and coach to help individuals and organizations speak about the climate emergency with a strong, clear voice.

#TheSabbathChallenge with St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

Saturday, April 23 (8th Day of Passover), 12:30pm In-Person at AC
Sunday, June 5 (1st Day of Shavuot/Pentecost), 12:30pm at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church (225 West 99th Street)
“The Sabbath is the most precious present humankind has received from the treasure house of God.”
― Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
The weeks between Passover / Easter and Shavuot / Pentecost, offer us 7 weeks — a week of weeks — of reflection and action. This spring, along with our neighbors at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, we will take part in #TheSabbathChallenge.
#TheSabbathChallenge is an opportunity for our communities to engage with Shabbat / the Sabbath in new ways, both individually and communally. We will study and practice together with our neighbors, and we encourage you, our community members, to experiment with your own Shabbat / Sabbath practices.